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I provide web hosting based on my high-efficiency Linux server for only $19.99 per month. If your current web host is too slow or you experience problems, please let me know and I'll host your website at a safe location and provide maintenance during business hours. Please send me an email to get in touch.

 Monthly Plan

Get web hosting for a monthly payment. Cancel any time.

 Get A Discount

When you purchase an annual plan you get your web hosting service at a discount rate.

Basic - Save $168
Standard - Save $228
Advanced - Save $336

Alternative Web Hosting

Alternatively you can get GoDaddy.com Web Hosting by clicking on this link. Show your amazing talent online! Start with $1 / month Economy Web Hosting!

So what is the difference between hosting your website with GoDaddy, HostGator, NetworkSolutions, etc. and hosting it with me?

Because you had your website designed by me you get the server maintained by me. This means you will have the person who designed your website watching your website making sure it is running properly. When something breaks, or you experience problems with your website due to web hosting, I will be there to fix the problem to make sure your website continues to run smoothly.

Usually these web hosts provide shared web hosting plans. This means that they put you on the same computer server with hundrens of other websites. As a result your website might appear slow and feel like it's running out of breath when just one of the hundreds of websites hosted on the same "shared" computer experiences a period of high-volume traffic.

With Web Hosting by Greg your website will be hosted on a high-efficiency Linux server which results in faster response rate when visitors navigate your website. Another advantage is that your web server will not have limitations of "default settings" used by common shared hosting plans due to Internet security issues. Sometimes web hosting providers disallow changing these settings which makes it difficult to develop custom features on your website that you're looking for.

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