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Greg Sidelnikov is an independent web designer and author of JavaScript tutorials. The continued creation of his work is largely dependent on acts of kindness from people who choose to support his work. If you were in any way touched by his work you can help Greg's tiny sailboat stay afloat.

If you had a website designed by me, this place can be used to submit a payment.

Have you in any way benefitted from the works on this site and wish to support them? Please choose from available options below. All of your donations are used to provide a means to continue producing works. The funding is spent to use time for development of tutorials, writing of articles and other computer works.

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When independent production of work takes on a continuous pattern, over a period of time, that work may gain a following consisting of a group of people who are able to and wish to support it. This option is reserved for people who are interested in supporting my work in the long term.

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I understand that this option may not be for everyone and it would be unrealistic to ask everyone to use this method for funding my work. However, if you are able to do so it would be greatly appreciated. You can cancel your subscription from your PayPal account at any time.

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Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

As someone who works independently from being directly employed most of my work would be impossible to create without the help and support from people who like what I do. Your help is much appreciated.

You can reach me by phone if you have an immediate task to complete. Most design jobs take one to two weeks. If you have prepared materials upfront (and ready to send them in to me via email) it will greatly reduce the time it takes to finish building your website.

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